Jihyeong Choi

Composer/ Educator

Composing Music


Curiosity for Sound

The New York based Korean composer Jihyeong Choi has brought an acute sense of timbre and the texture of sound into focus in her creative works; not only concerning the timbre possibilities of instruments but also as a way of unfolding narrative in time.

Jihyeong studied sound design in Korea. She expanded her compositional range after moving to New York and experiencing various musical styles. Jihyeong studied composition at Brooklyn College and Mannes Schoo of Music with Tania Leon and Mario Davidovsky.

Jihyeong is doing Pilates if it's morning, playing video game if it's late night. She is doing research or composing or teaching online now.


Sunset for Solo Oboe

performed by Lindabeth Binkley

( https://www.lindabeth.com )

Composed during the 2020 Online Summer Composition Workshop with Composer Jenni Brandon: Writing for the Solo Oboe.


"Be stubborn, passionate, and artsy all you want, but we need to please a (larger) crowd”



Jersey City, NJ